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Building a raised bed

Construction Material

Four planks and some dirt - how hard can it be? Turns out, building a raised bed involved quite a bit more than I thought!

On raised bed gardens, and holes

I've never understood raised beds. Why would it be better to plant in soil that's slightly higher than the soil around it - are people paying hundreds of dollars for the comfort of not having to bend down to their plants?

Things I did wrong planting seedlings

IMAG0876I never thought there could be so much to sticking seeds in dirt - but most of my seedlings last year died before they made it out the seed starter, so this year I'm planning contingencies.

Growing a meal

Last year I killed almost one hundred tomato plants. This year, I hope I learned enough to grow a full meal in the back yard. If all goes well, I'll have some friends over for a tomato pasta dinner in August.

On professionalism in software

We like to blame the worlds governments, or the ominous Them, for the current mass surveillance society we live in. It's an easy way out - but pull the curtain aside and you and I both know there is a programmer sitting behind it.

We, the profession of software engineering, built the Orwellian future we now inhabit, and it is high time for a retrospective.

Brian Flanagan goes to Ireland

On march third, a young man named Brian Flanagan was refused entry into Ireland. The border police officer he happened to have been paired up with believed the occupation Brian cited as his reason for entry, “user experience designer”, was made up.

Gold, struggle and old philosophers

Right now, there is a growing protest movement in Peru against a new gold mine. Building it will include draining four lakes and making the local wells unusable due to chemicals seeping into the ground water.

The end of the market

Markets are an incredible way to organize and share the spoils of labor, but in many aspects they are based on assumptions that no longer hold true. A dive into how the open source economy radically changes how we trade.