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Caring for blisters on sweaty feet

Athletic tape

I’ve tried most any method I’ve found on caring for hot spots and blisters when hiking. Turns out most outdoor writers don’t have the kind of sweaty feet I do - here’s a list of all the expensive foot treatment I’ve had fall off my feet this summer, and the things that didn’t.

Asynchronous transactional patterns

Transactions are not very hip anymore - so unhip, in fact, that people started building databases without them. Alas, as people who decided to try those databases found out, transactions remain a fundamental aspect of applications that don’t break horrifically.

Except, it turns out that even if you have transactions, it’s surprisingly easy to shoot yourself in the foot.

How gun control was solved elsewhere

As an immigrant in America, I sometimes feel uncomfortable raising my voice about some of the mine-field political issues that sweep the country; abortion, religion, health care and so on.

I particularly feel uncomfortable when my opinions are so clearly colored by where I grew up. I don’t want to be the person that seems to think things were better where he came from. I’m here for a reason, I love this country very much and am very thankful I’ve been allowed to move here.

But in the case of gun control, I feel I have a legitimate claim to a voice and a less common perspective. I do live here, a resident of the American Heartland, I am a gun owner and, crucial to the point I want to make, I’ve lived in a country with much stricter gun control.

What are hybrid plants?

Devil plants

It turns out the wheat I ordered is hybridized. I’ve read all about this now, and it appears that for the greater good my little plot will have to be burned and buried under concrete.

Planting wheat

Pasta plants

Any meal fit for human consumption must contain pasta - and home grown meals are no exception. But how do you grow pasta in the back yard?

First Blood

First Blood

My attempt at not repeating last years seedling mistakes have failed. Hundreds of tomatoes will never see the light of day, they drowned alone in the dark while I was drinking wine a hundred miles away.

Building a raised bed

Construction Material

Four planks and some dirt - how hard can it be? Turns out, building a raised bed involved quite a bit more than I thought!

On raised bed gardens, and holes

I've never understood raised beds. Why would it be better to plant in soil that's slightly higher than the soil around it - are people paying hundreds of dollars for the comfort of not having to bend down to their plants?